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Tailored Shipping for Every Cargo Type

Different cargo demands different handling. Our Cargo Categories offer a simplified way to navigate through our shipping solutions. Whether it's delicate goods, oversized items, or time-sensitive deliveries, each category is a doorway to a shipping experience designed with your cargo in mind.

General Cargo

  • Definition: General cargo refers to a broad category of goods that do not fall into specialized or bulk categories. These are typically individual items or packaged goods that are not classified as hazardous, perishable, or oversized.

  • Characteristics: General cargo can include a wide range of products, from consumer goods and electronics to machinery and textiles. It is often handled using standard packaging and does not require specialized handling procedures.

Break Bulk Cargo

  • Definition: Break-bulk oversize cargo refers to large or heavy items that cannot be accommodated within standard shipping containers. Instead of being containerized, these items are loaded individually onto a vessel or transportation vehicle.

  • Characteristics: Oversize cargo may include large machinery, industrial equipment, or other items that exceed the dimensions of standard shipping containers. This type of cargo requires special handling and often involves customized transport solutions.

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Free Trade Zone

  • Definition: Freezone transshipment involves the movement of goods through a designated free trade zone without being subjected to import duties or taxes. It allows cargo to be temporarily stored or processed within the free zone before being transported to its final destination.

  • Characteristics: Free zones are areas where goods can be stored, processed, or transshipped without customs duties or taxes being applied. This facilitates international trade by providing a controlled environment for handling goods before reaching their ultimate destination.


Warehouse Storage

  • Definition: Warehouse storage refers to the provision of space for storing goods in a facility designed for efficient inventory management. Warehouses are used to store products before they are distributed, sold, or shipped to customers.

  • Characteristics: Warehousing involves the systematic storage and organization of goods within a designated space. It allows businesses to maintain inventory levels, manage order fulfillment, and streamline logistics operations. Warehouses can be operated by companies or third-party logistics providers.

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